Universal Absorbent Socks (40 Count)


CCSO40 Universal Absorbent Socks (40 Count). CornCob Socks tackle tough jobs and provide an affordable alternative to messy clay.<br
These economical and highly efficient Socks can tackle even the toughest jobs.   With a tough polypropylene skin and finely ground corn cob filler, these Socks absorb 1/2 gallon of oil, coolants, solvents and water – nearly twice as much as clay, but without the dust or the mess to clean up afterward.   Plus they’re incinerable.   Unlike clay, you won’t need a shovel for this cleanup! They’re also approved by the U.S.   Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) BioPreferred program, a federal purchasing program for biobased products.
Ideal for surrounding spilled fluids or wrapping around leaky machines.   Easy and convenient to put into place.   Contain spills to keep fluids from spreading into larger areas and becoming slippery hazards.   Flexible to conform around machine bases and offer a snug fit with no seepage.


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