15″ X 19″ X 3/8″ UNIVERSAL PADS (100 PADS/BALE)


Our Universal Spill Absorbent Pads are designed to do everything you need them to do. The new no-lint design makes the universal absorbent pads ideal for wiping down parts or cleaning machines and equipment — not to mention the fact that these universal absorbent pads are top notch spill pads in an emergency! Unlike many absorbent pads, the universal absorbent pads won’t fall apart when they become saturated. These universal absorbent pads are perforated so that you use the right amount of universal absorbent pads to clean up your spill. These absorbent pads have a tough, layered construction and are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Use the universal absorbent spill pads to cover any universal spill as much as possible. Keep one or two universal absorbent spill pads in reserve for personal cleanup afterwards. If the universal spill is deeper in one area or another – called pooling- place more than one universal absorbent pad in or on the pool to increase the amount of absorption for that area. Repeat as necessary until you have the situation well under control.

Features of the Universal Spill Absorbent Pads

  • Won’t fall apart when saturated
  • No-lint exterior
  • Dimpled design speeds up wicking
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use


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